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In Procurement Services we cover a wide range of materials, equipment and package systems with focus on Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petro-Chemical, Power and Mining Industries. We also offer a one-stop source for all the oil field needs.






Our Houston Location

There are many benefits to having our headquarters in the city of Houston, one of the largest and most diverse business cities in the United States.

  • A major US Energy Center
  • Proximity to major engineering companies and manufacturers
  • Headquarters of majors US supply companies and forwarders
  • One of the major US Port
  • City of Business
  • Diversity of business between Customers and Suppliers







Regional Procurement Support Office in Beijing

Ming Int’l Trading, Co., Limited was established in Beijing in 2012 to source directly from manufacturers in High Value Procurement Countries located in Asia.

Ming is responsible to source materials and equipment directly from qualified manufacturers, negotiate best commercial terms and coordinate quality during manufacturing and final inspection before shipment.

Ming started to establish relationship with Key Suppliers from a simple Client-Supplier relation towards partnership to assure overall best value (pricing, quality, delivery) for our purchases.